What is Cleanli-Mist™?

Our Reason for Being.....

As with most good businesses, Cleanli-Mist has grown from a need to solve a very specific problem.  The novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 has been materially impactful to everyone including property owners and managers throughout the world.  Very quickly it has become clear that existing methods of cleaning and disinfecting our properties and infrastructure are insufficient.  While social distancing and living in quarantine are the current first lines of defense, eventually society will need to get back to some form of "normalcy".  Unfortunately, that new normal will need to include new systems and approaches to cleaning and disinfection.  We need to find minimally invasive and cost effective methods that allow us to live with the reality that SARS-Cov-2 will likely be with us for some time.  

As owners and managers needing to address this issue for our own properties we searched the globe to learn how others are working to address this new threat.  Quickly we discovered that many cities and municipalities are working with new misting technologies to address large scale disinfection.  And through this research Cleanli-Mist was born.        

What is Cleanli-Mist™?

Cleanli-Mist is an applicator of EPA-Registered products utilizing state of the art equipment.



We pair appropriate products with the appropriate equipment to rapidly sanitize challenging areas and surfaces.

The Science.

The science of disinfection is taking place at the microscopic level.



Understanding the difference between cleaning and disinfecting is an important first step to selecting the most effective treatment strategy.


We know you have questions.



We have answers.